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  • Completing the "Missing" History of Turkish Cypriot Community: Portraits of Turkish Cypriot Women

    This research revisiting the past and rewriting a women-centered/women-focused "history" enriched with the narratives of seemingly "ordinary" women from their own perspectives so as to give voice to the unheard stories of Turkish Cypriot women who were hidden subjects of the history of Cyprus. Arguing that missing history of Cyprus cannot be complete without bringing to the light the experiences of women from their own perspectives and without unraveling and incorporating "her" side of the "story", the research aims to reach two groups of Turkish Cypriot women by conducting in depth-interviews: Those who were the leading women in their professions and those who were displaced due to inter-ethnic conflict. While analyzing their narratives the main theoretical/analytical frame of the research will be critical feminist response to modernism.

    Keywords: Identity, migration, modernization, nationalism, working women, oral history, war, colonialism, postcolonialism.

    The Research is supported by EMU Research Advisory Board and  conducted by Dr. Sevda Alankuş, Dr. Hanife Aliefendioğlu, Dr. Pembe Behçetoğulları who are members of EMU's Center for Women's Studies.