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Eastern Mediterranean University-Center for Women's Studies
4th International Conference on Gender/Women's Studies

Gender Equality and the Law


Eastern Mediterranean University Center for Women's Studies (CWS) in collaboration with Koç University Center for Gender Studies (KOÇ-KAM) and Ankara University Women's Studies Center (KASAUM) invite paper, panel and event proposals addressing various themes on women/gender studies.


The Fourth International Women/Gender Studies Conference, which will be held in Famagusta, North Cyprus at Eastern Mediterranean University Conference and Culture Center, between October 3-5, 2012. aims at bringing together scholars, researchers, performers and activists from various disciplines to present their works and exchange ideas in a wide range of issues such as economic, socio-cultural, law, politics, communication, design and etc. under the general theme "Gender Equality and the Law" to explore how gender equality and women's experiences have been structured, impacted, controlled, or ignored by law and the possibilities and limits of realizing women's rights through the law.

The conference will be held over three days at Eastern Mediterranean University Conference and Culture Center and will explore the following themes:

Law, Justice and Gender

Feminist Litigation
Theories of Law and Gender: Feminist Legal Theory
Law Based on Gender Equality.
Comparative History of Law and Women: Legal History of Gender Equality
Women in Constitutional Law: Gender equality in Constitutional Practice and Constitutionalization Process

Women & Peace

U.N. Security Council Resolution 1325: Historical Process, Achievements and Difficulties in Practice
Empowerment of women in the peacemaking process
Women's participation in peace processes
The Role of Media
The Role of National Governments
The Role of U.N.

Women & Violence

Human Rights Violations and Violence Against Women as a Form of Discrimination
Theories of Justice and Violence Against Women
Women in Criminal Law And Penal Policy: Prevention of Violence, Victimization and Gender in Sentencing.
Women Trafficking as a Form of Violence Against Women
The Role of Media

Women & Discrimination

International Law and Women: Achievements of Mechanisms for Protection and Issues.
Women's Human Rights Activism: From Concept to Practice
Conceptual Development of Women's Human Rights: Philosophical and Legal Bases
CEDAW: Historical Process, Achievements and Difficulties in Practice
Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence
National Machineries for Women
The Role of Media

Gender & Development

Women in Development
Feminization of Poverty
Women's Land Rights
Education on Women's Human Rights: Responsibilities/Role of State and Non-governmental Organizations
Women's Human Rights and Globalization: Modernization, Democratization and Culture
Women & Reproductive Rights/Health
Women in Labor and Social Security Law: Legal dimension of Women Labor
Gender and the Environment
Women Status in Family Law: Marriage, Divorce and Matrimonial Properties
Gender Equality and Equity
Gender Needs
Intra-household Resource Distribution
Social Justice

Women & Public Policy

Cultural Change and Public Policy Today
Gender Mainstreaming
Gender Planning
Women's Empowerment
Gender Budgeting
National Machineries for Women
The Role of Media

Paper and event proposals written in Turkish or English will be accepted.
Therefore, the language of the international conference will be both English and Turkish although translation is not available.

Submissions are subject to blind peer review at every stage. Abstracts and papers will be accessible to all participants on the conference web site once the complete program is set.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 5th of July 2012. Please send your abstracts (not more than 300 words) through http://cws.emu.edu.tr/GEL2012

The deadline for submitting full papers is 25th of September 2012

Detailed information is available on http://cws.emu.edu.tr/GEL2012

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Conference secretariat:

Özge Özcan

Eastern Mediterranean University - Center for Women's Studies
e-mail: cws-kaem@emu.edu.tr
Tel: +90 392 6302269

You may download the Conference Poster from here: